RadioTail Ripple : Podcast Statistics

RadioTail Ripple is a free control panel with powerful tools to attract advertisers and sponsors to your podcast. It enables you, the podcaster, to analyze statistics on your podcast and build a trusted profile for advertisers. Ripple will allow you to monitor offers from advertisers and track your account balance from one place. Feel the effects of RadioTail Ripple on your podcast by signing up.



  • Analyze your ad inventory
  • Generate verified statistics that advertisers can count on
  • Build a podcast profile to attract advertisers
  • Control your privacy levels
  • Work with RadioTail's expert ad sales and management team
  • Approve ad campaign to run in your podcast
  • Easy to set up
  • Works with any podcast host or creation software
  • Track your account balance
  • Monitor your podcast's performance by RSS
Ripple Profile Management

Ripple allows you to take control of your podcast's profile and attract advertisers.

Ripple Stats

Ripple's media file statistics gives you a real-time look into your podcast's audience.

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You may have noticed already that the graphing in Ripple has been expanded and improved. Now there are snazzy pie charts to display the distribution of your users by geography, user agent and . . .