The RadioTail Blog : September 2006

iMedia: Podcast Myths

Don't believe everything you hear about podcasting. RadioTail CEO Greg Galant addresses five common misconceptions about podcast advertising for iMedia Connection. The five myths debunked are:

  • Myth #1: There's a huge incentive to fast forward ads
  • Myth #2: You can't know the profile of a podcast's listeners or viewers
  • Myth #3: There are an abundance of phantom downloaders inflating statistics
  • Myth #4: Creating an effective podcast is cheap and easy
  • Myth #5: You need to do distribution deals for a podcast

RadioTail in Books

Though podcast advertising is still a young field, we've already been written up in two books. This makes us feel old. Kudos to some of our favorite podcast experts for turning out their books so quickly without sacrificing quality.

Rob Walch and Mur Lafferty's Tricks of the Podcasting Masters (Que, 2006) uses a quote from RadioTail CEO Greg Galant to lead its chapter titled "Generating Revenue".

Jason Van Orden just published Promoting Your Podcast: The Ultimate Guide to Building an Audience of Raving Fans (Larstan Publishing, 2006). He describes how podcasters can use RadioTail's podcast control panel to gauge the value of their audience.

RadioTail On The Record

It seems fitting that you can now learn more about RadioTail through your ear buds in a podcast interview with our CEO Greg Galant on Eric Schwartzman's On the Record... Online. Eric's conducting a series on podcast measurement that includes executives from RadioTail, Hearst, Nielsen Analytics, FeedBurner, Audit Bureau of Circulation, Arbitron, and Buzz Metrics. You can jump right to the audio interview with Greg by clicking here.


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