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Reaching Extreme Travelers

We’ve been running a podcast ad campaign for on TravelCommons that was just officially announced., the premiere air travel information tool, needed to reach people who spend most of their year traveling such as consultants and salespeople. RadioTail placed their ad in TravelCommons, an excellent podcast by Mark Peacock who is himself a management consultant. Mark’s podcast focuses on the act of traveling, giving tips and stories about living out of a suitcase -– which is a top priority for’s potential customers.

The biggest drawback to taking on advertising in a podcast is dealing with managing an advertising campaign. What did Mark have to do once he was set up on our system? Absolutely nothing - except say “yes” to allowing the ad in his podcast. The ad was automatically inserted in his podcast at a spot of his choosing. got real-time access to RadioTail's Podcast Listener Metrics system so they could monitor the success of their campaign.




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