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Podcast Expo Excitement

I’m here at the Portable Media Expo and Podcast Conference listening to the keynotes. Well to be honest I’m not giving it my full attention, I’ve got a couple distractions. I don’t know what’s more exciting, launching the first major marketing campaign for a business, or working a conference that’s the first ever for your fledgling industry. Well I’ll never find out which is more exciting because we’re doing both at the same time.

If you’re here at the conference, be sure to track me down by sending me an e-mail.

Even if you’re not, pop over to Sell Out Big Time. We’ve built powerful technology to manage advertising campaigns for podcasts, which will be great for making money with your podcast but not fun stuff to play with. So we started Sell Out Big Time, which lets you insert parody ads in your podcast so you can test it out. It’s the first public live test of dynamic ad insertion into podcasts.




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